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Cottage Pie for lunch!

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Super easy to make and you’ll have leftovers (or a few extra dinners) for days! One thing I try and encourage clients to do is to maximise their time in the kitchen. Lets face it, we are all pretty busy and for some people this…

Easy Peasy Sugar-Free Cookies

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Mmmmmm cookies! These are the bomb. So quick and easy to make and they’ve got nothing bad in them. If your kind of treat is along the lines of a chocolate brownie or caramel slice (yum!) then these will obviously be far less sweet and…


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Photo Credit: Petra Merrick     Omg eating eggs raises your cholesterol is soooooooo like 1980’s advice..!? That’s what I wish people thought, but unfortunately isn’t the case. Many people are still under the belief that eating eggs raises cholesterol and therefore leads to clogged arteries, increased…


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Oh my gosh, this biltong is seriously amazing. If you can get your hands on a dehydrator I highly recommend you give these little bad boys a go. The perfect nutritious, low-carb snack that won’t spike your blood sugar levels and leave you craving for anything…

HELLO | Welcome to Eatwise

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Hiiiiieeee and welcome to Eatwise! For someone who only recently purchased a smartphone and has only two instagram friends, starting a blog is kind of a big deal!  Why would I consider venturing into the interweb world, when we have probably already reached our capacity…