Oh, hey there!

I’m Jess Fisk, a Registered Nutritionist with a passion to help you get back to basics and thrive in this very fast paced world we live in!

Eatwise nutrition was born out of a love for living a simple, wholesome lifestyle and through years of struggles with my own personal health.



I am a university qualified Nutritionist and do feel it is important to mention this as a ‘Nutritionist’ is not a protected title and is very freely used in NZ and around the world.


  • New Zealand Registered Nutritionist
  • Bachelor of Science, Human Nutrition – Otago University, NZ
  • Diploma of Sport & Recreation – Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, NZ
  • Permaculture Design Course – Fair Harvest Farm, Margaret River.
  • Member of Nutrition Society of New Zealand.

The  E A T W I S E  philosophy


E at the way mother nature intended.

A void processed foods and cook from scratch as often as possible.

rain your mind to count nutrients, not calories.


W hen selecting a food product, read ingredients first – not front label marketing.

nclude colour at every meal.

S upport locally grown, sustainable, organic foods – within your means.

E ducate yourself, your health is your best investment.



I am a nutritionist – not your doctor, not do I claim to be an ‘expert’.  This website should not be used to self diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition.  Always seek advice from your trusted primary health carer first.