Oh, hey there!

I’m Jess Fisk, a NZ Registered Nutritionist with a passion to help you get back to basics and thrive in this very fast paced world we live in!

Eatwise nutrition was born out of a love for living a simple, wholesome lifestyle and through years of struggles with my own personal health.

I studied a BSc in Human Nutrition at Otago university several years after ending my time in the pool as a competitive swimmer.  I was diagnosed with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease and things very quickly turned a little pear shaped from here. Thanks to medicine at this point, life went on fairly normal from here.

It wasn’t until my early 20’s when I decided I was sick of taking so much medication and started  questioning how necessary it was for me anymore. At the time I was living on a Permaculture farm in Margaret River where I had began to feel really inspired to take care of my health naturally. I was part way through my nutrition degree at this point and moved home to NZ to finish this off in 2012.

Fast forward 10 years on and about to bring a tiny human into this world, life is pretty damn good! My partner Jeremy and I are living in a tiny beach town called Pukehina 30 minutes South of Mount Maunganui. We are slowly creating the lifestyle we’ve dreamed of which involves living by the ocean, growing our own food and spending as much time outside as we can.

A few days of my week are spent working in a Herbal Dispensary in Tauranga where I work alongside Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists. My other days are working with clients in clinic, workplace wellness and Skype consultations for anyone outside of Tauranga or New Zealand.

Nutrition is my jam! I can be such a food/nutrition geek at times but its because I am just so passionate about helping people like you transform your health to feel your best. I provide down to earth, honest and evidence based advice that is sustainable for the long term. The most important part.

If you are still reading…well done! If I sound like your cup of tea as a nutritionist then I hope to meet you soon. To make an appointment please visit my contacts page for details.




I am a university qualified Nutritionist and do feel it is important to mention this as a ‘Nutritionist’ is not a protected title and is very freely used in NZ and around the world.


  • New Zealand Registered Nutritionist
  • Bachelor of Science, Human Nutrition – Otago University, NZ
  • Diploma of Sport & Recreation – Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, NZ
  • Permaculture Design Course – Fair Harvest Farm, Margaret River.
  • Member of Nutrition Society of New Zealand.

The  E A T W I S E  philosophy


E at the way mother nature intended.

A void processed foods and cook from scratch as often as possible.

rain your mind to count nutrients, not calories.


W hen selecting a food product, read ingredients first – not front label marketing.

nclude colour at every meal.

S upport locally grown, sustainable, organic foods – within your means.

E ducate yourself, your health is your best investment.




This website is intended as a platform for me to share my knowledge, personal journey , thoughts and ideas. I am a nutritionist – not your doctor, not do I claim to be an ‘expert’.  This website should not be used to self diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition.  Always seek advice from your trusted primary health carer first.