Oh my gosh, this biltong is seriously amazing. If you can get your hands on a dehydrator I highly recommend you give these little bad boys a go. The perfect nutritious, low-carb snack that won’t spike your blood sugar levels and leave you craving for anything more, other than jerky. Good luck trying to make it last! If your anything like me, it might disappear in one big gulp!




Lean meat – Pop down to your local butcher or farmers market and buy a lean piece of beef. It needs to be lean or the fat becomes a bit gross during the dehydration phase.


2- 3 Fresh garlic cloves
Tamari sauce – you want enough liquid to generously soak the beef strips, approx 1/4 – 1/2 cup
Apple cider vinegar – a dash.. apple cider is strong so be careful
fresh or dried chilli flakes (1-2 tsp dried chilli, or 1 fresh chilli depending on your preference to spicy food)


1. Before you begin, pop the meat in the freezer just enough so it is easier to slice into thin strips.  Usually 1-2 hours is fine.

2.  Trip off any visible fat and cut into thin slices. Place strips in a large container, or a plate and cover with marinade. Ensure you have enough marinade to soak into all the beef strips. Marinade overnight or for about 4 – 6 hours.

3. Remove beef strips from marinade, pat dry and place on a clean board or plate. Rub sea salt into the strips to help absorb excess moisture.

4. Place strips into your dehydrator and set to low overnight.

5. Depending on your preferences for jerky texture you can play with the dehydrator settings (high or low). If the jerky has been on high over night it is likely to come out really dry, which some people prefer. Otherwise have your setting a lower and you will have a delicious, soft jerky!




Jess x