Looking for a BS free approach to nutrition? You’ve found it. 

You won’t find any labels or buzz words here! At Eatwise Nutrition we want to make your health simple and understandable, by going back to the basics of what your body needs to thrive. Each person is different, but no matter what we recommend it is always based on what nature has given us and what science has proven.

We love nothing more than helping you have your “a’ha” health moment, by making nutrition as simple as it should be.

Speciality Areas:


  • Metabolic Health & Weight Loss
  • Digestive & Gastrointestinal Issues : Inflammatory Bowel Disease & IBS
  • Autoimmune Disease: Specialty Diet & Lifestyle Support
  • Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Management
  • Women’s Health: Stress & Hormone Health, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Children’s Nutrition

Do you have Health Insurance?

You may be covered to see a Registered Nutritionist. If you are with Southern Cross or NIB find out whether your policy will provide cover.  We are professionally registered with the NZ Nutrition Society.

Jess Thorns

Registered Nutritionist (NZNS), Bachelor of Science Human Nutrition, Diploma in Sport & Recreation, Cert Permaculture Design

There is nothing Jess loves more than helping people solve their health confusion.

Nutrition is as simple as getting the right nutrients for your body’s needs, but with so much conflicting information and fads it’s hard to know what to do.

That’s why Jess’ approach is to strip it all back – simplifying nutrition and making it easy to understand and apply. Her recommendations are always evidence-based and inspired by nature, because nature rarely gets it wrong.




Reduce Body Fat
Weight Gain
Nutrition for athletes & sports teams


IBS Symptoms
Food Intolerances


Hormone Health
Nutrition for pregnancy, postpartum & breastfeeding
Stress and Fatigue Management


DUTCH Hormone Test
Comprehensive Microbiome Test
AMY1 Gene Carb Test
Health & Wellbeing Genetic Profile Test

Get to know us before you meet us.

We’re real people with a passion for helping other real people – sounds simple right?! That’s because we like to keep it that way, using our expertise and love for nature to strip health back to the basics. Find out more about us here.


‘Jess’ realistic approach to nutrition leaves participants feeling less confused and overwhelmed with their approach to nutrition and eating habits. Changing mindsets is not easy, but Jess does a great job!’

‘Jess’ preparation skills are excellent which meant she tailored the session to meet our varied needs in regards to multisport events, training, peak performance, and endurance.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eatwise Nutrition to any workplace around the Bay.’


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